Big Data and Cloud Solutions

Day by day, with the development of new technologies and applications , knowledge has increased rapidly and Big Data fact has emerged. Big data, when interpreted with the correct methods of analysis; enables companies to take strategic decisions correctly and it helps to manage risks and innovation better. Vitelco, with its academic and project experienced consultancy team,  closely follows developments on Big Data, and aims to provide Big Data consulting services and solutions.

As long as new Technologies and applications are increased, Data storages will be filled rapidly, independent from how big data Storage areas are developed. With the increasing data growth; data access, data sufficiency and data security becomes very important factors that need to be taken into account by the Companies.  Access to information has no sense if the companies cannot take better, faster and conscious decisions.

 Conventional technologies are not enough against the increasing data volume, data variety, fast data processing and this results with issues such as the complexity of the data. Google, who first experienced data complexity issue; built the open source Hadoop framework, and created the most serious solution between alternative technologies . Hadoop, which was created with Google’s leadership; was also tested and verified by Facebook and Yahoo operations.

Vitelco aims to continually improve its expertise on the most up-to-date and effective solutions by closely following the developments in the digital transformation processes.

Vitelco, as Amazon Web Services Business Partner, provides cloud-based services to its customers. AWS cloud services, provide flexible and scalable approach in a broad portfolio, enabling companies to reduce infrastructure costs and accelerate business processes.

Vitelco offers the highest quality and the fastest services to its customers with easy-to-use and superior performance cloud services offered by AWS. Vitelco offers flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use cloud solutions to their customers which help to optimize their operational and management needs by reducing all IT costs.