Vitelco R&D Center, which produces versatile, innovative, creative and competitive with R&D projects, is always proud to show the strength of our country by carrying out many projects in Turkey and the world. 

In this context, Vitelco closely follows the trends in R&D technologies and produces Cloud-based products with the Microservice architecture, using many technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Image Recognition in projects it has developed.

Vitelco R&D Center, which produces qualified and successful projects, uses new technologies in Turkey and the world for a sustainable development. In this way, by establishing many business partnerships, it has increased its power in the field of R&D, and today, it increases the impact of its services in the field of R&D with its employees from many different countries.

Vitelco R&D Center actualizes projects applicable to different sectors by establishing academic cooperation with universities.

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