Vitelco provides wide range of Outsourcing Services, with its prior aim of creating “Customer Satisfaction”.  It is crucial for us to increase Customer productivity and operational quality by offering “Correct” Resources to our customers.  

We aim to add a value to our Customers with our outsourcing services.
Vitelco offers outsourcing services for Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Development, Operation Support and Testing.
With the help of these services, it’s possible to monitor and reduce the employee cost, to get faster and higher quality results by enabling customers to concentrate only on the production area effectively.

By using our experience in the areas of Project Management, Agile (Scrum), Software Development, Analysis, Testing and operations; our aim is to understand customer needs and to give support with our team of experts.

We provide the following services to our customers with our expert team which has global project experience in all areas;

  •  Long Term Onsite Outsourcing
  •  Project Based Outsourcing
  •  Project Based Product Development Outsourcing